National bidet certification

National Bidet is fully certified to be installed in Australia.

Bidet Shop Australia is the only supplier and retailer of Bidets and associated products that has its own retail shops, warehousing, distribution facilities and installation networks throughout the country. The Bidet Shop is the only Bidet supplier in Australia and New Zealand to hold Watermark Level One and Electrical Certification. -not just C-TICK

Our clients purchase a Bidet so that they will experience cleansing their private parts with a stream of pure filtered water and then drying with a gentle, temperature controlled flow of air ensuring maximum personal hygiene and comfort.


No amount of toilet paper can clean you as well as the washing and drying functions performed by an electronic Bidet. Once you have used a Bidet you too will be a confirmed believer.

Backflow Prevention

All of our products are fully watermarked to the Australian standard WMTS-051:2016.
In order to be compliant with the AU watermark standards, we have supplied the bidet with the appropriate backflow attachment.


WaterMark is a mandatory certification for plumbing and drainage products to ensure that the products fit purposely and appropriately for plumbing and drainage installation.
This certifies that the National Bidet range complies with the watermark technical specifications and that the products are manufactured in accordance with an approved quality assurance program.


Certifies that this product has sound technical grounds for product compliance. The Australian Government requires that all local and imported electrical products comply and are certified with the C-Tick logo. This certification supports that the National Bidet range has been product tested to the relevant mandated standard and has obtained an EMC test report.

Type Tested

This certifies for electrical characteristics of the National Bidet range are up to up to safety standards.


Certifies the National Bidet range to be resistant to water and splashes (water resistance rating).

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certification outlines the criteria for quality management with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Internal audits occurs to ensure quality products and services are provided to our customers.

ISO 14001

The ISO certification demonstrates that the National Bidet products meets the expectations of consumers. ISO14001 certifies products as managing environmental aspects and obligations. Improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and measuring environmental impacts.