National Bidets The Healthy Alternative for Your Bathroom

As you would expect, it has all the standard features plus aerated water and variable settings for heating and water flow, but that is then exceeded with its enema wash / pulse massage / child mode.

Heated Seats

The heated seat is ideal for those cool winter periods. The seat temperature is adjustable to suit individual preferences.

Easy Installation

The bidet can be set up within 15 minutes, with no tools necessary. One does not have to waste money on plumbing; it can be installed easily without too much work.

Anti-Microbial Plastic

Repels germs. The materials used throughout this bidet are highly efficient at protecting against bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs. Acting as a non-toxic health barrier.

Eco Friendly

Economy mode. With normal use, this bidet will only cost $12.00 per year for electricity. That’s less than 4 cents per day.

Slimline Design

National Bidet allows you stay fresh and clean. Design, Performance, Quality, and Affordability all come together in one package, providing you with maximum results.

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You can be assured that you will feel clean, fresh and happy with our range of bidets. So what are you waiting for